Cheyiz Embroidery

Embroidery as Expression: the Turkish Textile Tradition

From the times of the Turks’ nomadic ancestors who carried their possessions in cloth bundles, textiles have been interwoven with Turkish history and culture. Indeed, since the Ottoman era, fine needlecraft has been the art, and heart, of the country. Hand-crafted textiles have a unique and special place in people’s lives. They are treasured and used for important ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. They have significance.

This is because the age-old artisan process of embroidery is painstaking and intricate. It requires great skill and patience, delicacy and love. Such meticulous crafting means that hand-embroidered textiles transcend their function. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; imbued with meaning and emotion.  The young girls who produce these pieces can convey hope, joy or even sadness through their needlecraft. The embroidery is a true reflection of its maker – and in turn, can be an expression of its wearer.

This is the ethos we are embracing by supporting traditional Anatolian craft. Our accessories are hand–made by artisans in the Oya lacing tradition using exquisitely embroidered motifs inspired by the natural world. Each unique piece is created with great skill, but also with heart and soul.  We believe accessories should be so much more than just decoration; they are a form of expression. This is the essence of the Oya tradition; it’s about infusing beauty with meaning. If it was made with feeling – it can definitely make you feel! That’s the Cheyiz philosophy.